Hob: This is an induction hob - easy and safe to use.  Press the power button, then the symbol for the hotplate you want to use.  Touch the + button for the heat setting you want (9 is maximum so press - to reduce).  If you want to simmer food gently, once it is hot, 2 or 3 should be enough.  Lower the temperature by pressing the plate button again and then the  - button.  Once you remove a pan, the plate button shows H to warn it is hot.   Just wipe with a sponge to clean.  Please never use a scourer or abrasive cleaner.  It may beep if it is damp or if it senses something on it.

Oven/microwave:   This is a combi, works with grill, microwave or convection, or any combination of these. For quick microwave heating up, just press the start button once or more times for multiples of 30 seconds.  For anything more complicated you should find the instruction manual in the folder to the side of it.  However, it's a terrible translation.  For using the oven, this is the symbol you want.

Press until you get the heat you require, and then the start knob. The oven will beep when it reaches the desired temperature. Put the food in, then set the cooking time by turning the start knob. Press start again.  Please make sure the oven is clean inside before you leave.

Dishwasher: We find the 50 minute cycle is fine. You can set a 3, 6 or 9 hour delay so that the dishwasher comes on during the night. You should find dishwasher tablets in the cupboard under the sink. If you use them all up please buy a small packet. The cutlery goes in a clever tray at the top. 

Washing machine:   This is new for 2022.  Make sure the inlet tap is on (pointing in direction of tube). Turn the central dial to the programme you want. Please stick to Sintetici (good for general holiday washing) on 30 or 40 degrees, or the Speed programme.  Do not overload the machine, thanks.

risciacqui = rinse
centrifuga = spin
scarico = drain

Television:  The TV in the living room is set up with a British freesat box for UK TV and radio channels.  Make sure the green light is on and AV1 on the telly.  The TV upstairs is for Italian TV and DVDs, which you can find in the drawer.

Coffee machine: Basic filter coffee with reusable filter. Please make sure the jug and filter are clean before you leave.

Hairdryers: There are two, one in each bathroom.


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