Find the house and get in

We have had some feedback that the house can be a bit tricky to find. So here are some pics to help.
Up the hill from main road, on Strada della Ligussa, you come to this car park. 

If you park in the car park by the bridge over the little river, the narrow street leads straight into the village from there. 
Follow this little road

You come to a little square with this small church:

Take the street (more of an alley!) to the left of the church.  Follow it down for about 80 metres.

You come to an archway. Pass under and you will find

Number 22. You will see the key box on the low wall to the left of the front door.


We will have sent you the code separately. Pull down the cover and turn the dials to insert the code across the middle. Pull down the small black catch to open. The lock needs 4 to 6 turns to unlock! To open the front door, turn the handle on the right hand door panel clockwise a little and push. You must do that little turn to release the latch.  Welcome! If you arrive at night, you will find a light switch on the left.

Come in and make yourself at home!

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