Heating and utilities

The electricity supply is controlled from the mains box by the front door. The switches are up for on.  The one on the far right should always be down. (that’s the cellar). An Italian home is limited to 3kw. So if you have the lights, hairdryer and iron all on at the same time, you’ll overload the system and everything will go off.  Just flick the mains switch back up. If you need a torch you will find one in the basket on the stairs.

The house has gas central heating. The boiler is in the cupboard at the top of the stairs and heats the water and radiators. The dials should look like this:

You should not have to touch the boiler. If there is a problem, check the pressure dial on the front panel is at or near 1.5.  The radiator dial should be at about the halfway point.

The thermostat is on the living room wall near the door to the blue bathroom.  Control the heating by moving the dial on the thermostat to the desired temperature.  If you don't need the heating, just turn the temperature dial down.

Gas, electricity and water are all expensive. Use whatever you need but please don’t waste. Everything should be on when you arrive. If the gas is off (it should be on!) it can be turned on at the meter, on the street next to the front door.

The water is good to drink. Please don’t waste your money on still mineral water! On the main street opposite Bar Carlo there is a mineral water dispenser provided by the Council.

For environmental reasons, we do not have air conditioning. Here, the thick walls and shutters help to control the summer heat, and breezes from the lake cool things down in the afternoon. Good to close the shutters and open the windows if you are going out in the summer.

Only light the stove if you are experienced!  Wood only please - no rubbish.  Be aware that it gets very hot and should not be lit if there are young children in the house.  You will find kindling and firelighters in the F&M hamper.  Open the bottom dial partially and close it once the fire is going. You can control the draft by moving the sliding knob with the triangle - the point shows the direction for closed, and the opposite direction is open.

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