Inside the house

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday home to the full.

Rubbish and recycling: Please sort out paper and card, bottles and plastic containers into the plastic boxes at the top of the stairs, and take to the bins at the car park.  Plastic and aluminium go together. The big bins at the car park open with a foot pedal. You will find neater bins by the car parks on the main road, but the ones on the car park are more convenient. Please remove all your rubbish before you leave - it isn't part of the cleaner's job.

Internet: You will find a small mobile modem/wireless router in a box on the shelf to the left of the living room window.  Just turn it on and then activate the Wi-Fi by pressing the other end of the on switch.  Name of modem is MW40V_B00A.  Password is 19025813.  It may take a minute to activate the connection, and you may find it best to keep it plugged in if you are using it a lot. 

Cutlery: In the drawer of the dining table. This might be covered by the tablecloth!

Stove: We provide wood and kindling for winter bookings only. If you use it, please clean it before leaving. Cold ash can go in the general rubbish.

Mosquito zappers:  In oval-shaped box on top of bookshelves in living room. Mozzies are not too much of a problem, except during their top mating season, in June. The occasional flying insects that look like evil alien wasps are, we are assured, completely harmless.

ShuttersThe shutters have clips on the outside which catch the shutters automatically when you open them.  When you want to close them, press down on the concave part below the clip with your thumb. Click. Open. Don’t twist or bend the clips. When closing, draw the left shutter first and then the right.  The catch swivels into place. Please do not allow children (of any age!) to lean out of the window or to mess about with the shutters.

Television:  Please see Appliances

Linen: We provide bedlinen, teatowels and a bath towel and hand towel for each guest.  Please bring a beach towel with you.

Food cupboard: The door slides up and down. If it should pop out, don't panic - it pushes back in again easily.  You are welcome to help yourselves to dry goods, but please replace staples you finish up like olive oil or coffee.

Toys and games: In the low drawers in the upstairs bedroom. Please be careful not to fill these drawers as they easily become stuck if something is sticking up inside.

Sofa bed: .  Please wear a teeshirt or top when relaxing on the sofa to prevent stains from suncream.

First aid kit: On top of the cupboard in the yellow bathroom.

Cleaning: Hopefully you won't need these, but in case you do, you will find mops, brooms etc in the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs. A vacuum cleaner is in the wardrobe with mirror doors.

Water: Tap water is soft and we find it perfectly OK for drinking. Please don't buy bottled water - if you want mineral water, there is a dispenser on the main road next to the turnoff opposite Bar Carlo. Natural is free, and slightly carbonated is 5 cents per half litre. This is an initiative by the village council to cut down on plastic waste. If you do buy bottled water, Chiarella brand is from the mountain above the house, so it has minimum food miles and supports the local economy.

Velux skylight: This has a double catch on the handle so that it can be left closed but with a small vent for ventilation. Summer storms can lead to leaks - so if a storm is brewing, please make sure that the ventilation is closed by pushing the handle up as far as it will go. If you need to open or close the blind, use two hands: gently push the metal strip down towards the window which releases the blind and slide gently to the position required. 

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